Zeno’s Holiday Blues

Damn!  On a time, ahimsa1 I meditated.

“Iberia, Zeno, sir, is sawn up as a pun.

Was sir…is one Zaire bidet a tide miasm?”

I haem it2 anon3, mad!



Notes and comments

Zeno has had a disastrous holiday and is fuming at the sarcastic holiday rep. Unfortunately, having meditated on ahimsa he cannot resort to violence and must hold his anger in.

1. Ahimsa: Principle of non-violence advocated by Gandhi (and Zeno before him!)

2. Haem it: To ‘haem it’ means to redden with anger (my coinage). Haem is a red organic pigment found in haemoglobin.

3. Anon: Here used for ‘anonymously’.


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