Paradise Tossed

Goddesses, so pit-eyed,

A man, name of Ed – a jewel lie –

Remade tar apes in Eden.

I saw two.

Help!  Pa’s mad!

Anon a monk said:

“Ed – a feet-up1 man – was animals’ mu2 in arcane poem:

On green, evilly dine dragons,

Till an ill-aimed demand

‘Oscillate, my menacer, in a man’

  is made.


Now sin is won, one dams in a man.

I re-cane my metallic sod named Demi.

All in all it’s no garden idyll


I veneer gnome,

Open a cranium,

Slam in a sawn amputee.

Faded, I ask no man, on Adam’s apple,

How ’twas in Eden I separated a mere

Ill ewe,

Jade foe,

Manna-made yeti,

Possessed dog.


Notes and comments

An alternative title was Paradise’s Lost Gamekeeper. This figure has apparently been written out of history but, as this poem reveals, he was there in the early days, overseeing things, rectifying mistakes…

1. Feet-up: Lazy, idle.

2. Mu: The Mu koan in Zen Buddhism.


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