Moth Ash

Too sere, moths

Ah! To meld, arcing

In ebony align

I wish to melt

‘Til – little moths –

I wing, I lay


Benign, I cradle moth ash to

Mere soot

2 Responses to Moth Ash

  1. A palindromic ode to the famous Latin palindrome? Was this intentional?

    I’m assuming you know it, but perhaps you don’t! If not, o Joy! Here it is:

    * * *

    in girum imus nocte et consumumir igni

    * * *

    I’m wondering if you knew it?

    If not, let me know if you want any reflections. I believe it is the perfect palindrome. (If there is such a mythical beast.)

    My best work thus far:

    * * *

    Wonder ever one vow?
    A woven “O” revered Now.

    * * *

    [I go back and forth over the presence of the ‘A’ there… :-P]

    I also have used this couplet in a longer expansion which isn’t as elegant, but it is quite fun… I may dig it up if you respond to this.

    Happy wordsmithing.

    • Completely unintentional – what a fine coincidence! I was not aware of the latin riddle so thanks for drawing my attention to it; I’d be happy to hear your thoughts on it.

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