Base Pairs Alight

No war desired I − ‘twas revolt.

If gun’s fire cinders all

It sires a bedlam.

Siesta set a desire −

Volcano erupts in an onanist.


Pure on a clover I – sedate – sat.

Seismal debaser I still,

As red (nicer if snug fit) lover saw

Tide rise, draw on.


Notes and comments

The starting point (and therefore the mirror point) of this and Base pairs in Flight was the phrase ‘volcano erupts … st pure. On a clov… ‘, so the first challenge was to find a palindromic fragment ending ‘st’, with the letter before ‘s’ starting a new word running the other way. Easy! –  A past / a fast / a mast / in an onanist…..

I couldn’t resist an onanist, and somehow managed to create a sex-themed poem which referred back to Base Pairs in Flight, but in this poem the character has obviously found his/her promised land in licentiousness and hedonism.

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