Z-time palindromes


An aria for all I plan.

I fall.

A final pillar of air. [An a…]

This fragment appears on the first page of Ana’s notebook of poems. It is an infinite palindrome or ring palindrome, as the symmetry is only completed by starting again.

She writes it out as a ring:

She also realizes that she can complete the symmetry by signing her name:

An aria for all I plan.

I fall.

A final pillar of air.


Another ring palindrome:

Opening is sign in e-poem, as time emits a me. [Opening is sign in e-po…]

Three palindrome poems:

Zeno sum game

I fuse time, resign.

I’m a glob.

My speed?

As muses set parsec,

If I define zeno-zone zero –

Feblesse1 vessel before zeno-zone zen.

If edifice’s rapt esse sums

A deep symbol,

Gaming is eremite sufi

1. Feblesse – Feeble. Spenserian word for feebleness; here used as an adjective.


Wolf DNA benign? Ill?

A feline kill? – I ask –

Cat stab?

Or can I sniff up desserts?


I died. I

Spun up side. I

Distressed puffins in acrobat stacksail

Like Nile falling in eb and flow.


Building my chronostack

I made tardy her aim.

Mum! Has time won?

Pa’s relapsed.


Ode-reversing I sign is revered.

Ode’s paler sap now emits – Ah! – mummia.1

Rehydrated am I.

1. Mummia: Substance used for embalming mummies.

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