Miscellaneous nonsense


A lewd ichthyosaurus loved language so blue.

Dictionaries of slang he consumed till he knew

All the words queer and common alluding to loo.

Dick, ‘the sore arse’, a lewd English prof, to his zoo

Took a ludic thesaurus, fed that to him too.

Now with ludic thesaurus the lewd ichthyosaurus

Writes sonnets of love to a blue kangaroo

Foe’s Amour Met I

The belle of the ball

She cracks me a smile

I smile at her back

She cracks

I smile at her crack

She smacks at my bell and my balls

A Double Bed

My love, my coquette, once in innocence wallowed

She doth no longer seem an innocent swallow.

My love my coqu…ette once, in innocence swallowed

She doth no longer semen innocent swallow

Perhaps, my love, only in jest did my ode err –

Perhaps my love only ingested my odour?


The origami master, in folding never ceased

But lacking fresher spirit, his later works de-creased

The fading of old master in the art of folding paper?

The farting of old paper – the fate of olding parper?

The faster molding of old master folding paper ape a

sharper shape a paper raper apercuberotixoticktock tick tock…

The artist’s ‘I’ dissolving, inner symmetry corrupt

The barmy origami magi airily…

   Fold here


Erupts! A past origami magi rots… a past pure.

Paper upset at, origami magi rotates pure pap.


  And here


Though in time fame, talent, breath depart us

As long as you inspire us, we live on in our flatus

Eternal truths

You’re never alone with a mirror

You’ll always be big to an ant

A nomad would go mad confined to a home

Add a leg to a leg for a pant

You’ll never get eggs from an otter

A dwarf on a stilt remains short

A random mélange of beef, bird and blancmange

Never tasted like anything ought


If my shoes are caked in dandruff,

My jeans streaked with

Gobbets of earwax

If I seem high, and with every

Loping step, I appear on the edge of falling

If my voice is faint, far-away, and

My eyes peer at the distance through

A jungle of hair

If I keep my

Turds in a bag

Or you see a back

Spattered with shit

It is because I stand

On the shoulders of giants

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