Cicada haikiah

Parts tense, gardenia droner is sad

A cicada’s siren, ordained, rages

Nets trap


The first time I heard a cicada was in a Tokyo street at night, and I honestly thought it was a security alarm, such was the intensity of its siren.

With haiku, the 5-7-5 syllable count is only really relevant in Japanese, in which it is as natural a rhythm as iambic pentameter is in English.

One Response to Cicada haikiah

  1. Kevin Penner says:

    Here’s a 5-7-5 palindromic haiku I made up just now (original palindrome was first and last line, which I expanded by adding the middle line). If you quibble over “a Orc”, well then it will eat you next!

    Star, Evil Swan, Gnome
    Dwarf lets a Orc roast Elf; raw
    Demon gnaws live rats

    I noticed the darkly delicious title of your blog and thought this would be as good a place to post it (first ever) as any …

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