The main purpose of this website is to present my letter-unit palindrome poems. I wrote the first four (Amatory Rounds, Paradise Tossed, Zeno’s Holiday Blues, Oracle) in a strange fit of creativity in one week in 1996, mainly to relieve the boredom of being unemployed.

The next batch were written over about six weeks in 2011, the by-product of an attempt to write a novel (now abandoned), Travels in Z-time, in which the protagonist was a palindromist. Originally I thought the 1996 poems would be adequate for use in the novel, but after coming up with a few fictional palindromic juvenalia I became obsessed once again with the art. I created a few palindromes specific to the novel (Z-time palindromes) and then wrote three which are unrelated to the novel (Happy Returns, Base Pairs in Flight, Base Pairs Alight) as well as starting a few more which remain unfinished.

After this rare burst of productivity I felt creatively spent and wasn’t intending to do any more palindromes, but the website induced another rush of reversing, including the 3rd-placed SymmyS poem Moth Ash and the much misunderstood metaphysical rhapsody that is Images of Time.

I have also included a few nonsense poems on this site, one of which, Posteri(ori)ty, contains a couple of palindromic lines.

None of these poems have been published elsewhere before. Except where otherwise attributed, all content on this website is copyright of Steven Fraser and may not be reproduced without the permission of the copyright holder.

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